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APNewsBreak: Marine critical of Obama faces charge

http://[/url] The Marine Corps on Wednesday notified a sergeant who has been openly critical of President Barack Obama that he is violating Pentagon policy barring troops from political activities and that he faces dismissal.
Camp Pendleton Marine Sgt. Gary Stein started a Facebook page called Armed Forces Tea Party to encourage fellow service members to exercise their free speech rights. He declared a few weeks ago that he would not follow the unlawful orders of the commander in chief. Stein also criticized Defense Secretary Leon Panetta for his comments on Syria.
Stein, a nine-year member of the Corps, said he did nothing wrong and planned to fight the charges. He had applied to extend his service, which was set to expire in a few months.
"I'm completely shocked that this is happening," he said. "I've done nothing wrong. I've only stated what our oath states that I will defend the constitution and that I will not follow unlawful orders. If that's a crime, what is America coming to?"[url=]Cheap Kids Air Jordans
The Marine Corps said in a statement Wednesday that Stein's commanding officer ordered a preliminary inquiry on March 8 after receiving allegations that Stein posted political statements about Obama on Facebook in violation of the Pentagon's directives.
"After reviewing the findings of the preliminary inquiry, the commander decided to address the allegations through administrative action," the Corps said.
Stein said in addition to being discharged, he would have his rank reduced to lance corporal if he is proven to be in violation of the rules. He said he was removed from his job at the Marine Corps Recruiting Depot in San Diego on Wednesday and given a desk job with no access to computers.
According to Pentagon directives, military personnel in uniform cannot sponsor a political club; participate in any TV or radio program or group discussion that advocates for or against a political party, candidate or cause; or speak at any event promoting a political movement. Commissioned officers also may not use contemptuous words against senior officials, including the defense secretary or the president.
In January, an Army reservist wearing camouflaged fatigues got into trouble for taking the stage during a rally in Iowa with Republican presidential candidate and Texas congressman Ron Paul.
Stein was first cautioned by his superiors at Camp Pendleton, north of San Diego, in 2010, after he launched his Facebook page and criticized Obama's health care overhaul. Stein volunteered to take down the page while he reviewed the rules at the request of his superiors.
He said he determined he was not in violation and relaunched the page. Last week, he said his superiors told him he could not use social media sites on government computers after he posted the message stating he would not follow unlawful orders of the president.2012 Jordans
Stein said his statement was part of an online debate about NATO allowing U.S. troops to be tried for the Quran burnings in Afghanistan.
In that context, he said, he was stating that he would not follow orders from the president if those orders included detaining U.S. citizens, disarming them or doing anything else that he believes would violate their constitutional rights.
Another Marine alerted his command about the statement, Stein said.
Stein said he respects the office of the president, but he does not agree with Obama's policies. He said he is within his rights to speak up.
The Marine Corps said Stein is allowed to express his personal opinions as long as they do not give the impression he is speaking in his official capacity as a Marine.
Spokesman Maj. Michael Armistead said earlier this month that the Corps was taking a closer look to determine whether Stein had crossed that line.
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Star Wars people? Dad-son talk key to viral video

http://www.cheapairjordansnike.comKAMPALA, Uganda (AP) — The young American boy sums up what his father does for a living: "You stop the bad guys from being mean."
Yes, the father says, but who are the bad guys? The child thinks, then offers a guess: "Star Wars people?"Cheap Jordans
Though a galaxy away from this preschooler's American upbringing, the truth is far more sinister.
The bad guys are Joseph Kony and his Lord's Resistance Army, a brutal Central Africa militia that has kidnapped thousands of children and forced them to become sex slaves, fight as child soldiers and kill family members.
The father-son conversation is one of many gripping moments in a 30-minute video that has rocketed through cyber space since its release Monday. By late Thursday it had been seen more than 37 million times on YouTube.
The father, Jason Russell, is the co-founder of San Diego-based Invisible Children, an anti-LRA advocacy group, and the film's director. He asks his son, Gavin, what he thinks should be done about Kony.
"Stop him," Gavin responds.Cheap Air Jordans For Sale
The boy's words are quickly echoed by Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, where Kony is wanted for crimes against humanity. "Stop him," Moreno-Ocampo says on camera, "and (that will) solve all the problems."New Nike Jordans Retro 2012
The video is part of a campaign called KONY 2012, and it's goal is to see Kony captured — after 26 years in the jungle — this year.
Despite an International Criminal Court arrest warrant and the deployment last fall of 100 U.S. Special Forces to four Central African countries to help advise in the fight against Kony, few Americans know who he is.Air Jordans
To those 99 percent, Russell poses this challenge: Make Kony and his crimes so infamous that governments view it as imperative that the mission to capture him succeeds.
"If we take the pressure off, if we're not successful, he is going to be growing his numbers," Jim Inhofe, a Senate Republican from Oklahoma, tells the film's cameras. "People forget and you've got to remind them. ... And if interest wanes it will just go away. ... It's got to be 2012."retro Jordan shoes
The LRA began its attacks in Uganda in the 1980s, when Kony sought to overthrow the government. Since being pushed out of Uganda several years ago, the militia has terrorized villages in Congo, the Central Africa Republic and South Sudan.Nike Air Jordans Sneakers online sale
"Kony is a monster. He deserves to be prosecuted and hanged," Col. Felix Kulayigye, spokesman for Uganda's military, told The Associated Press.
Because of the intensified hunt for Kony, LRA forces — once thousands strong — have diminished in number, splitting into smaller groups that can travel the jungle more easily. Experts estimate the LRA now has about 250 fighters.
Victims are mutilated by machetes, their faces slashed into grotesque shapes. Women are raped and killed. Young girls are forced into sexual slavery.
Jolly Okot was abducted in 1986 by the militia group that later became the LRA. The then-18-year-old could speak English, so she was valuable to the militants, who also forced her into sex slavery.
Today, Okot is the Uganda country director for Invisible Children. She said the group is helping 800 people affected by LRA violence to attend high school and college. The program has given hope to kids who previously dropped out of school.Jordan Fusion
"The most exciting thing about this film is that I'm so grateful that the world has been able to pay attention to an issue that has long been neglected," she said in an interview. "I think it is an eye-opener and I think this will push for Joseph Kony to be apprehended, and I think justice will get to him."
Moreno-Ocampo said it has been hard to raise public awareness about Kony since issuing the arrest warrant against him in 2005.
"Kony is difficult. He is not killing people in Paris or in New York. Kony is killing people in Central African Republic, no one cares about him," Moreno-Ocampo told the AP. "These young people from California mobilizing this effort is incredible, exactly what we need."
"They are not fighting, they are just putting the right focus: stopping the crimes, arresting Kony, helping people," he said. "Perfect."
The burst of attention has also brought some criticism of Invisible Children's work, including questions over the ratio of the group's spending on direct aid, its rating by the site Charity Navigator and a 2008 photo of three Invisible Children members holding guns alongside troops in what is now South Sudan.
Invisible Children posted rebuttals to the criticism, saying it has spent about 80 percent of its funds on programs that further its mission, 16 percent on administration and about 3 percent on fundraising. The group said its accountability score is low because it has only four independent voting members on its board of directors, but is seeking a fifth.Jordan Fusion sale
Last year, Invisible Children began installing high frequency radios in Africa's remotest jungle to help track militia attacks. People in areas without phones can report attacks on the radios to people who put them on a website called the LRA Crisis Tracker.Cheap Jordan Kids Shoes
Invisible Children's 2012 anti-Kony campaign is asking celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Bono and Bill Gates, as well as policy makers like former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, to get involved.
In the video, Russell tells of meeting a Ugandan boy named Jacob who watched LRA fighters kill his brother. The American promises the African child he will do whatever he can to help. Nearly a decade later, Jacob is part of Invisible Children's campaign to bring awareness of the atrocities to college campuses in America and beyond.
The film opens with Gavin's birth, and Russell's philosophy that in the interconnected world the globe has become, "where you live should not determine whether you live." If Gavin, born in American, can have a happy upbringing, Jacob should too.
"We are not just studying human history, we are shaping it," Russell says. "At the end of my life I want to say that the world we left behind is one Gavin can be proud of, one that doesn't allow Joseph Konys and child soldiers. A place where children no matter where they live, have a childhood free from fear."
Gavin shakes his shaggy head of blond hair and says: "I''m going to be like you dad. I'm going to come with you to Africa."
Straziuso reported from Nairobi, Kenya. Associated Press reporters Elliot Spagat contributed from San Diego and Mike Corder from The Hague.Nike Fusion Jordan Shoes

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Mexico judge orders probe into killings of women

http://www.cheapcoach-us.comMEXICO CITY (AP) — A judge has ordered Mexican authorities to investigate the killings of women in the suburbs of Mexico City, reviving a sensitive issue related to a former governor who is a leading candidate in the presidential race.
Judge Jose Alvarado ruled a national, multi-government agency formed to fight violence against women should reconsider a request by activists to declare a state of alert for central Mexico State, women's rights activist Maria de la Luz Estrada said Tuesday.Coach Outlet
Human rights groups say hundreds of women have been killed or gone missing in recent years in that state, which lies next to Mexico City and is home to 13 million people.
Estrada said her group has documented more than 1,000 killings of women during the six-year administration of former Gov. Enrique Pena Nieto, who is a leading contender in the July 1 presidential handbags
State authorities didn't immediately comment on the ruling, which was issued Feb. 27 but not revealed until Tuesday.
The issue recalled the campaign for justice waged by relatives of women killed in the border city of Ciudad Juarez, where dozens of women were tortured, raped and killed prompting a women's rights movement that garnered international attention.Cheap Price
"Authorities in Mexico State don't investigate and instead blame the victims for their own deaths, or in many cases say they committed suicide, without doing a proper investigation," said Estrada, who coordinates the National Citizens Observers on Women's wallets outlet
Political analyst John Ackerman, of the legal research institute at Mexico's National Autonomous University, said the case could be "another stone in the shoe of Pena Nieto that he's going to have to deal with" during the wallets cheap
The judge's ruling was aimed at the National Agency for Prevention and Eradication of Violence Against Women, which was formed in 2007 from federal, state and local agencies to declare violence alerts and follow up with education, prosecution and prevention programs.Cheap Coach Bags-Handbags Sale
Twenty of 34 agency representatives voted last year against declaring an alert for Mexico State, a move that would have required authorities at all three levels of government to coordinate investigations of gender violence.
The agency can appeal the judge's ruling.
Pena Nieto and his supporters have said Mexico State's per-capita homicide rate is no worse than in the country's other states and suggested the requests for a state of alert were politically motivated. Pena Nieto couldn't be reached for comment Tuesday.
A study by the United Nations women's organization found the number of killings of women in Mexico State was in line with the national average and decreased between 2004 and 2009. There were 5.43 women killed per 100,000 in 2004 and 3.66 in 2009, the study said. The national rate increased from 2.46 to 3.4 per 100,000 over the same period, it said.
Estrada denied activists are zeroing in on Mexico State, saying her group has also requested alerts be declared in the states of Oaxaca, Guanajuato and Nuevo Leon.
In Nuevo Leon, a war between two rival drug cartels killed more than 2,000 people last year, including more than 300 women. In Ciudad Juarez, where 1,200 were killed in drug-related attacks, 196 women were killed in 2011.
"In Mexico State there is a pattern of violence against women, and authorities there are doing everything to deny this is happening instead of working to stop the killings of women," Estrada said.
A state of alert "would mean they would have to immediately act to protect the life and security of women and to see where the hot spots for violence against women are to prevent the killings," she added.
Violence against women in the Mexico State drew national attention after a serial rapist and killer escaped from police custody last week.Coach Shoes
Police say Cesar Librado, a public bus driver who worked on a route connecting Mexico City with neighboring suburbs in Mexico State, raped eight female passengers and killed seven of them.
He was recaptured Monday after a public outcry calling for the state attorney general to resign.
In filmed testimony, Librado tells investigators he would attack a female passenger when she was the last person riding his bus. He said he raped his victims, choked them to death and dumped their bodies on dark streets.Coach Shoes For Men
His first victim survived and went to authorities. Even though she identified Librado and told police what route he worked, he wasn't arrested until a year and a half later. By that time, he had allegedly raped and killed seven women.Sneakers from Coach
Librado "is a product of the irresponsibility of the governor and the attorney general of the State of Mexico," said Sergio Mendez, of a human rights group that is part of the petition to declare a state of alert.
Associated Press writer Michael Weissenstein contributed to this report.Coach Factory Outlet

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GM CEO sees European losses continuing for 1-2 years
Coach Bags 2012General Motors Co chief executive Dan Akerson said it may be two years before its European division is back in profit as the continent sheds over-capacity the same way the U.S. industry had to over the past half decade.
The world's largest automaker has lost money in Europe for the last 12 years.Coach Crossbody Bags
"I think it'll be a good year or two before we can achieve profitability in Europe again," Akerson said at an on-stage interview conducted in San Francisco on Wednesday night.
European sales had been recovering before the continent became gripped by fears of debt defaults in the middle of last year, Akerson said at the Commonwealth Club of California, a non-profit public affairs forum.
"People stopped buying. I can see it every day in the sales reports," said Akerson, who was born in California and studied at the London School of coach shoulder bag
Industry-wide, Akerson believed there were between seven and 10 excess car plants in Europe and other executives estimate there is 20 percent over-capacity there.Coach Crossbody Bags
He emphasized that a deal with France's PSA Peugeot Citroen announced last week was merely an alliance and that each carmaker had its own problems to solve.
GM announced last week that it would halt production of the Chevy Volt plug-in electric car for five weeks and temporarily lay off 1,300 U.S. workers.Coach Crossbody Bags
But Akerson, arguing that a two-week production shutdown last year for its popular Cruze compact car did not generate as much concern, dismissed the worries surrounding the Volt as political.
"Sometimes I feel bad for President Obama," Akerson told reporters, saying the Volt was in the works long before Obama's election, yet it was seen as his car due to the government's 27 percent stake in GM after its bailout. "It's not the Obama car."Coach Colette Handbags
Akerson had said earlier that, while it was not up to him, his ideal outcome would be for the government to, for example, sell off the stake steadily over 10 quarters because he believed uncertainty about it was weighing on GM's share price.Coach Business Bags
Obama's re-election campaign often touts the auto sector bailout as one of the Democrat's major accomplishments as president, seeking to draw a contrast with Republican White House contender Mitt Romney, who opposed it.Coach Shoes Outlet
The Obama administration has backed more than $2 billion to support the development of battery systems designed for electric cars including the $40,000 Volt. Volt owners are also eligible for a $7,500 tax credit for buying the fuel-efficient vehicle.Coach shoulder bags Outlet
GM is adjusting the Volt to meet strict California requirements for a further $1,500 state rebate and allow drivers to use special carpool lanes in the state, where a fourth of the 7,671 Volts GM sold in 2011 were purchased.Coach Alexandra

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Smokey Robinson visits Duke Ellington students

http://www.standardjordan.comWASHINGTON (AP) — Music legend Smokey Robinson reached out to a new generation of performing artists Friday, telling them they were starting out as he did: "with a love for doing something creative."all jordan shoes
Robinson, 72, visited Duke Ellington School of the Arts, named for the jazz great whose music Robinson said was the first he heard in his life because it was always playing in his Detroit home.
With students standing nearby, Robinson said any of them could follow him as a singing sensation, because "everybody starts with a love for doing something creative."air jordan 6
"If you see somebody and they are 15 and you say 'Oh, there's a new artist.' No, they've been doing it since they were 6. Everybody starts with that love, so of course, some of these kids will do that," Robinson said.jordan women
Robinson said he started singing the day he was born "according to my mom." He sang in various bands in high school, including The Miracles. Just after high school, he connected with Berry Gordy, with whom he would later form the Motown label. The label's first hit was Robinson's "Shop Around."
He went on to make hits such as "Cruisin'," ''You've Really Got a Hold On Me," ''Tracks of My Tears" and "Tears of A Clown."2012 jordan shoes
"I thank God for my life because as a baby when I was 3, and 4 and 5 years old I wanted to be a singer, but I grew up in the 'hood in Detroit and I didn't know if that was possible, so I am living my wildest childhood dream right now," he said.jordan shoes blue
Robinson said he is working on a Christmas song and plans another in Spanish. Edward Ellington, son of Duke Ellington, said Robinson told him after they left the school that he is learning Spanish.
A news conference and appearance before a student assembly are part of the Ellington school's 5-year-old Performance Series of Legends air jordans
Robinson also planned to perform on Saturday at a sold-out benefit concert for the school at the Kennedy Arts Center.jordan 8
"I think it's a shame that many of our schools have had to cut our arts programs and especially the inner-city schools," said shoes cheap
Previous legends program artists who have given benefit concerts for the school are comedian David Chapelle, a Duke Ellington school alumnus; mezzo soprano Denyce Graves; singer/musician Stevie Wonder and soul/funk band Earth, Wind and Fire.
Together they have raised $2 million for the school, which is about 80 percent African American, 12 percent white and 6 percent Latino, said Rory Pullens, the school's chief executive. It has an annual budget of about $5.8 million.
Cornelius Williams, 17, was one of a handful of students who performed a song while Robinson waited to enter the news conference. He said he belongs to the school's show choir, which has a "Smokey Robinson/Miracles-kind of group."
"I feel like he definitely is an inspiration to me to keep doing what I'm doing, to keep learning," Williams said.
Students shrieked and cheered when Robinson appeared onstage and the enthusiasm didn't die down when he lectured them to make sure they didn't neglect their other studies for their art or give in to peer jordan 7
Robinson said he grew up in a house of 11 kids and was raised by his sister after his mother died. Some of his close friends were "gangsters," he said. But he said he refused to join them, when they asked him to help rob a gas station.nice shoes cheap

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